So what happens when a kid sends a letter to Santa? What does the United States Postal Service do with it, (USPS) ? Does anyone answer it?

Well the answer is yes, but they do it with the help of volunteers. Every year the USPS has a program called Operation Santa. This is where you can choose to respond to one of the letters either in writing and or with a gift.

Operation Santa started in 1912, by the then acting Postmaster General who empowered postal employees to respond to the letters on behalf of the every busy Santa Claus. It wasn't until the 1940's when the volume of mail increased so much that outside organizations where asked to volunteer to help respond to the influx of mail.

To be one of Santa's helpers and respond to one of these letters, you will need to fill  out a form and show a valid ID. You do have the option of answering more than one letter.

Will you take the time to be one of Santa's elf's?


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