Every week Brandi continues her search for her next potential future husband. This week her search takes her to Massachusetts where the guy who caught her eye is really into puzzles. More specifically jigsaw puzzles.

His name is Jack and in 2014 he put together a jigsaw puzzle with 32,256 pieces. This time Jack was able to best himself. He was able to complete a 40,320-piece Disney inspired puzzle. It did take him just under three months to do it, took him 80 days and 423 hours to assemble

This particular puzzle that Jack was working on was 6-foot long and 22-foot wide. This wasn't just a 'jigsaw' puzzle, but a jigsaw mural that was created by German puzzle maker Ravensburger.

The puzzle was made up of 10 smaller Disney themed puzzles that were interconnected.

What was the toughest jigsaw puzzle that you ever put together? How long did it take for you to complete? Did you allow anyone to help you? If you are putting together a puzzle with someone else, do you hide pieces so you can put the last pieces in?

If you have a lead on a potential future husband for Brandi, please email her the info to Brandi@wrrv.com.