Brandi's future husband this week takes us to Portland Oregon and to a person who shares Brandi's love of music.

Tom Lynn/getty images
Tom Lynn/getty images
This weeks BFH is from Oregon, he is a music lover, like myself, and believes in his right to perform in public… He likes to give performances for people, sharing with them his love of the Violin…. His name is Mathew, he is 25 and he recently came to my attention and affection, after he was playing an impromptu performance in front of a federal courthouse in downtown Portland. Mathew did not have a permit to perform there that day.. But he says that’s ok… it was what the police did to him that bothers him and is causing him to  sue the police department and others for $1.1 million.  

Matthew, showed up for his performance, stripped off all his clothes, played his violin and made signs about freedom. He says that he did not appreciate the officers used excessive force, unlawfully detained him and violated his constitutional rights when they arrested him during his free expression performance, which incidentally the cops are calling a demonstration.
Mathew says officers dragged him across concrete to the police car while he was naked, dropping him several times in the arrest process. He also says he had cuts on his wrists from the handcuffs and was not allowed to contact a lawyer. Mathew, goes on to talk about how he suffered emotional pain because during the arrest he was separated from his service dog Belle, who helps him with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He also says officers taunted him for crying and used unnecessary force while booking him in jail.