Brandi is continuing her quest to find the guy that she will call her Future Husband. Every week, Brandi has her eye on a new guy. Who is she looking at this week?

This week we head to California (Brandi was born in California, but moved all over because her dad is in the military) where the sun and the beach are calling.

Brandi has her eye on a eco-minded surfer named Taylor Lane. He is 24 and he entered a surfboard making contest. The contest that Taylor entered was called “Creators & Innovators Upcycle Contest." The premise of the contest was that each entree had to take something that was considered waste and turn it into a usable item.

Taylor had noticed how many cigarette butts he would see in the beach parking lots and on the sand. That was when he just knew that he could turn it into a surfboard. This idea did require a few weeks of picking up cigarette butts, but the end result is considered a thing of beauty, but the judges and fellow surfers.

Now, Taylor finds himself $10,000 richer and with a new surfboard. Think this is the guy for Brandi? If you know of a candidate for "Brandi's Future Husband' email