This week's edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to Michigan where the guy who has caught her eye is attracted to many underwater objects. Brandi loves the outdoors and likes the idea of fishing, but what she really likes more is the idea of sitting near the water watching someone else fish.

This new guy could be the one for her. He loves to fish, he doesn't actually fish for fish. He fishes for objects. His name is Joseph and he doesn't cast with a rod and reel, he casts with a huge magnet. He considers himself a treasure hunter, not an angler.

Joseph recently found his magnet attached to a piece of military history. He has spent an afternoon out on the water looking for treasure, brought his bounty home, posted pictures of it online. It was when people started commenting on his post that his most recent find was likely to be a WWII grenade, that he decided to take their advice and call the cops.

A grenade, still live, is exactly what Joseph found that day on the water. What he might have also found was a fan in Brandi. It is cuffing season and maybe there is enough attraction between these two to last at least until the New Year?

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