Farmer Prepares His Turkeys For Christmas
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Brandi's Future Husband this week hails from Michigan, loves the outdoors and he has shown that he has compassion for animals, which is close to Brandi's heart. The candidate this week, Mark, came home from work one day and found a wild turkey had decided that Mark's yard was the place that he wanted to make his new home.

The town that Mark lives in didn't appreciate it too much and fined him $100 for harboring a wild animal. Mark was able to fight the fine and have it revoked because as Mark likes to point out, he didn't exactly invite the turkey to live in his yard and he isn't doing anything to keep it there, the turkey just likes it.

The town has been going back and forth with Mark about the turkey, who he has named affectionately, Turkey, but Mark is happy to have the turkey stay as long as he wants too.

"I have no kids. I'm in the middle of a divorce. I have no one at home," said Johnston, 45, a tow truck driver. "He kinda keeps me company. It gives me something to come home to."

Is this the guy for Brandi or should she keep looking? Nick thinks that this guy doesn't have enough going on in his life if he is hanging out with a turkey after work.


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