This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband features one thing that Brandi has always had her eye on, firefighters. This particular firefighter lives in Massachusetts but was visiting Rhode Island with friends.

His name is John and he was on vacation with some friends in Rhode Island when one of those friends challenged him to go into a 7-Eleven store, wearing nothing but his smile.

John, will have plenty of time to get to know Brandi now, because he has had to file for early retirement because, not everyone was thrilled with him. Apparently, John and the person who dared  him to go naked, thought that Rhode Islands nudity laws were ok with him walking into the store with no clothes on, because he did not  do so with the intention to cause any malice. Of course, the State of Rhode Island is currently clarifying those laws with John.

Brandi thinks that this is a whole new reason to get a Rhode Island or Massachusetts fire fighter calendar.

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