If we're told we can't or shouldn't have something does that make us want it more?

Can Cuomo add family counselor to his resume?

It has to be hard for a father to get along with his daughter's boyfriend. You've only got a couple different options if you don't like him. You either have to intimidate him or hit him with kindness until he gets too uncomfortable.

Days ago at one of Governor Cuomo's press conferences he took a break from taking about coronavirus to offer up some parenting advice for a lot of fathers out there. According to the New York Post, during one of the latest press conferences Cuomo went on a rant about how he feared that if he publicly did not approve of his daughter's boyfriend it would trigger something called "NDS."

Cuomo claimed that NDS is short for Natural Defiance Syndrome but what I believe he really meant to call it was what doctors call Oppositional Defiant Disorder which according to Healthline is when children have the tendency to refuse and oppose authority.

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