It's soon to be Independence Day weekend, and that means grilling, drinking beer, and having a good time. Well, I've put together a playlist for you to fully maximize those good times!

With this no-fail list, you will be sure to please everyone. And if they're not pleased with it, kick them out of your barbecue; they're clearly not cool enough to associate with you. I mean, really, what's next? They're going to complain because you're not serving your burgers with an apple cilantro mango jalapeno chutney? Unless you are serving an apple cilantro mango jalapeno chutney, in which case your condiment game is straight up next level, my friend.

Relaxed, happy, or just plain pleasant jams to help you maximize your time inhaling that wonderful aroma of meat searing on the grill. Use it for Memorial Day, Independence Day, or just a good summer weekend.

!!!Deuce's Can't Miss Cookout Playlist!!!