Are you finding out that your memory just isn't as good as it once was? Join the club.

The other day I had to make a new account online. After registering my info, making yet another username and password I had to come up with an answer to a security question.

The generic question I was asked was, "What is your childhood home phone number?"

Without hesitation I remembered all ten digits. I then recalled my grandma's phone number and my best friends phone number. I was pretty proud of myself for remembering those numbers despite being totally useless as they haven't been in operation for roughly 15 years.

I then tried to see how many I had memorized today.

You can thank your smart phone for your lazy memory. 25 years ago, the average person could have about 9 or more phone numbers memorized. Today, the average is about 2.

According to researchers at Penn State, this is called digital amnesia.

Do you find technology making things too easy in your daily routine?


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