The guy that I am interested in this week lives in Vermont and has a passion for the outdoors. He probably knows that I appreciate a good campfire, a lake and fresh air. My future sweetie got my attention this week after heading into a Dicks Sporting Goods Store where he, keep in mind that he was dressed like a Panda, went into the store, headed directly to the air-soft rifles, grabbed one off the shelf and then proceeded to run out of the store, forgetting to stop at the cash register to pay. He probably won’t have a tough time being reminded that he needs to pay, apparently there is a person on the security footage, who seems to be of the same hair color and build of my panda wearing sweetheart, who was looking at the same air-soft rifle earlier that same day at Dick’s. No word if the police have been able to track him down so I can find out if he is on Tinder or Bumble.