Plastic bags and now gas ovens? Who had banning gas stoves on their 2023 bingo boards?

Do you have a gas or eclectic stove in your household? Believe it or not most houses have an electric stove. Almost every apartment I have ever rented had an electric stove. Just because gas stove appliances might be in the minority doesn't mean that there are not a lot of them out there. According to Gizmodo, about 40 million households in America have a gas stove in their kitchen. That's roughly 35% of households.

Anyone who has a gas stove is well aware of some of the dangers. I live in a large apartment complex and at least once a week someone from the maintenance crew has to come by with a detector because another resident might have left their stove on. This could be disastrous and deadly if an open flame is nearby. Leaving the gas on could also cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Could gas stoves be a thing of the past soon?


According to Bloomberg, The US Consumer Product Safety Commission plans to address the many health, safety and environmental concerns that come from gas appliances.


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Bloomberg also reported that the EPA and WHO have been able to link the pollutants from gas stoves to heart issues, respiratory illnesses and even cancer. They even believe that gas stoves could be linked to several asthma cases for children.

Lawmakers nationwide may be looking into banning natural gas hookups in new buildings. Several cities across America already have these bans in place. We could even see this in New York State as one already exists in New York City.

Some energy companies believe that this would drive up electricity prices.

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