Does anyone need an adorable and furry friend like Bear? Let's rally the dog lovers in the community together to help get this little guy a new life. Sadly, this dog could be euthanized tomorrow if it doesn't find a temporary foster or a forever home.

I love dogs but I'm not really what you'd call a dog person. Sure, I had one growing up but ever since I've been on my own I've just had cats. That being said, I know that the dog lover and owner community is huge and their hearts are even bigger that that. I came across this desperate posting on the Hudson Valley Craigslist. Please read and share this story. Let's try to save this dogs life.

"Hello...we are in desperate need to find someone who is willing to foster/adopt my dad's German Shepherd by tomorrow, Thursday, July 12th or he will be euthanized!!!"
According to author of the Craigslist article, Bear is currently scheduled to go to a German Shepard rescue and rehabilitation facility but we're trying to gather contacts should something happen and Bear can't make it to the rehab center.
Contact info regarding Bear can be found here.
Thank you Hudson Valley and beyond!
Credit: Anne Marie Rambo
Credit: Anne Marie Rambo

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