In a true story that should probably be filed under the phrase "Dreams Do Come True!" there are Bacon Vending Machines and they are real and they are filled with bacon.

This week Ohio State University (OSU) became the first such place to have this vending goodness at ones fingertips. Before you think that this is a horrible thing to have on a college campus, know that all of the monies raised with the vending machine, will be going back to programs in OSU meat science program.

Even the Ohio Pork Council chimed in and said that the vending machine is a unique and fun way to promote the Ohio Pork Industry and the students at the same time. The only sad thing about this vending machine? It will only be on the campus until their winter break starts which is December 13.

Let's get this Bacon Vending Machine here in the Hudson Valley when it is done in Ohio. Come on, the Ohio Turnpike straight into Pennsylvania to Route 84 and boom easy-peasey to get to the Hudson Valley.

Where should the machine go so everyone can enjoy it? The Stewart Airport in Newburgh? The old shopping center at Route 84 and Fishkill? The Crystal Run Galleria in Middletown? Where is the perfect place to feature this?

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