It may sound crazy but the millennial generation is lowering the rate of divorce in this country.

It's so easy to bash the younger generation and as I millennial I do talk major trash about my fellow 80s and 90s kids. That being said, I have to give them some praise when it's due.

According to Bloomberg Quint, divorce rates are diminishing in the U.S. and there's a few possibilities why. It could be a coincidence. However, there's a more specific reason there could be fewer divorces between millennial and baby-boomer couples.

One reason suggests that baby-boomers usually met their significant other early and were usually married by 18 or 19. We mature a lot between 18 - 25. People can go through a lot of changes. It's very easy to not be the same person.

Meanwhile, millennials are getting married much later. Usually between 26-30. There much more confident in their partner and who they are.


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