We've all seen the bark box videos and they are all awesome. For dog lovers at least. I've blogged about this dog before, his name is Bark Vader and he cried during the movie Homeward Bound and was thrown the punniest Star Wars themed birthday party.

Recently, this little male dog underwent "the operation." We all know what that means and while it's been established that it's better for the dog and helps keep the pet population under control. But that doesn't mean the experience isn't upsetting to a dog. After all, that's why they exist, to make more dogs.

The owner posted a photo of her dog on Facebook letting her friends now about Bark Vader's upcoming loss of body parts and one person had a bark box sent to their house. The video clearly shows the dog's excitement over all the new toys and treats that he's quickly moving with his life.

Please post more happy animal videos on Facebook, it makes it a better place for animal lovers like myself.

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