Remember when they had the long line of green port-a-potties? At least now we're out of the elements and can sit in style.

This Hudson Valley Walmart's bathroom is still under construction. They are still using outdoor restrooms but at least they've stepped it up a bit since a few months ago.

Do you remember about a month ago when the Hudson Valley was in disbelief about the port-a-potty train outside of the Walmart in Fishkill? Yesterday, I stopped by there to do some shopping and was hit in the face with a massive stench of sewage. I was shocked to find out that their bathrooms have not been completed yet.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Though the bathrooms near the main entrance are still unusable at least they replaced the long line of green port-a-potties with a luxurious bathroom trailer.

According to management at Walmart, the public restrooms at the main entrance are currently out of order and are being repaired, not renovated. At this time there is no direct completion date in sight but the project is underway and is a priority and has been for weeks now.

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