We've all heard of ghosting before but have you heard of this term? It's similar but a bit heavier and way more immature.

If you're not familiar with what ghosting is then congratulations you may not ever have been ghosted.Ghosting is when you completely cease interacting with someone after a date. If some calls you don't answer. If they text, you might read it and then not reply. Maybe you remain friends with them on Facebook and they like every single one of your pictures but you don't acknowledged it. You ignore all contact. There is contact though.

When you "cloak" someone it is way more heartless. It's where you ghost them but you take it one step further. You then block them . A ghost at least has a past. If you cloak someone you basically have to be a spy with  burn notice.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't cloak someone before. Usually a good ghosting will lead to a cloaking in my experience.

Have you ever been cloaked or have you ever cloaked someone else?

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