Father's Day is a day to celebrate all dads. Even the one's on Television who aren't real.

TV dads give us so many great memories. Experts have researched the most popular father figure on television and New York's winner may or may not surprise you.

There have been so many great dads on TV over the years. They're full of dad wisdom and knowledge like how to use a grill, fix a car and repair some dry wall.

Who is your favorite dad from the the old tube? Mine personally is Tim Taylor from Home Improvement. According to statistics gathered by How to Watch, some states like Michigan, Florida and Oklahoma love Gomez Addams. Others like Illinois and Colorado love Homer Simpson.

Officially, here on the east coast in states like New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Maryland we love the dad, Jack Pearson from This Is Us. Just keep him away from those darn crock pots.

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