Keystone Light, the beer that will cost you about $10 for a 15-pack at Walmart, is asking that you choose them to be your favorite beer and they are even willing to give you and 12 other people $12,000 each to pay your rent for a year.

This is cool and all, but the median rent in the Hudson Valley for a one-bedroom apartment is in the $1200-$1500 range. Is there anywhere in the area that there is a decent apartment for $1000? Keep in mind, there is an understanding that utilities would be an additional expense. Electric and heat, averaging out the whole year of about $200 a month, internet is about $80. So where can you live anywhere in the United States, comfortably for $1000 a month?

Is this another reason to leave the Hudson Valley?

For more information on how Keystone Light wants to give you $12,000 in rent money, click here. 

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