A politician is in some trouble after ripping off one of the most popular superheros.

The funny thing about a nickname is that once it catches on and becomes famous there can only be one person with that name. Sure, there are generic nicknames like "Ace", "Slick", "Bud" or "Chief" that can be used for anyone but names from your favorite comic book is most likely off limits.

According to the New York Post, NYC Democratic Councilman, Ben Kallos received a warning from Marvel Comics urging him to stop using the name, Captain America.

Kallos has been campaigning while jokingly comparing himself to Captain America. He's donned the Cap's stars and stripes outfit and shield. He even was using Captain America's catch phrases.

Marvel Comics sent Kallos a cease and desist letter.

Marvel states that Captain America doesn't take the sides of political parties.

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