Daytime television will never be the same as we say goodbye to Maury Povich.

If you grew up in the mid to late 1990's there is a good chance that once you got home from school you turned on the tube. If you did you probably cycled through a  few different shows. You probably flipped back and forth between TRL, The Jenny Jones Show, The Montel Williams Show, The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, The Ricki Lake Show and if you stayed home from school there's a good chance you secretly watched The Jerry Springer Show even though you weren't supposed to.

Maury Povich was always my favorite and he's arguably the greatest host and can you believe he's still on the air? Unfortunately he won't be on for much longer. There's about to be an hour long hole in the daytime television lineup.


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According to Global News, Maury recently announced that he is retiring. Maury has incredibly been on television for 31 years. He's decided to retire and there will no longer be any new episodes after the 2021-2022 season.

I didn't know that episodes of the show were taped near the Hudson Valley. Maury and The Steve Wilkos Show are both recorded in front of a live studio office in Stamford, Connecticut which is just over an hour away. Did you ever see Maury live? My wife surprised me with free tickets once and it was an absolute blast. Hearing "you are the father" in person is so much more fun.

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