The first Friday in March is supposed to be a day of national unplugging. I can't put my phone down and I'm guessing that the majority of the country can't either.

Are you addicted to your phone? Many people are and they don't even know it. The statistics behind a cell phone addiction are quite alarming.

According to Psych Guides, almost 50% of Americans admit that they probably couldn't go one day without their cell pone.

Here are some common signs that you have a phone addiciton:

  • You fall asleep with your phone in your hands
  • You sleep next to your cell phone
  • You check your cell phone as soon as you wake up
  • You continue to stay on the phone after you've used it for its function
  • Attempting to quit several times
  • Feelings of anxiety when without your phone
  • Put a relationship at risk
  • Withdrawal feelings

Do you have a few or all of these symptoms?


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