National Boyfriend Day is October 3, 2018. The day is to pay homage to the boyfriend in your life. Apparently, there really isn't too much information as to how the day became a 'National Day' or how long people have been observing it, but it is a 'real day.'

Is there a National Girlfriends Day? Why, thank you for asking, there is. That is August 1. The definition that is used on that day is not for your to celebrate your sweetie, but for ladies to get together and celebrate other ladies, their friends who are girls, aka girlfriends.

How will you celebrate the guy in your life? Will it be dinner out? Will it be a gift? Will it be something as simple as just folding his laundry and putting it away for him? Only you and he can decide how to celebrate.

When we asked you what you thin-k we should do to celebrate, here are a few of the response texts that we received at 845-451-9778 (WRRV):

  • Take them out to dinner or cook them dinner
  • Arrange to have their car professionally detailed
  • Allow them to watch tv or play video games uninterrupted.
  • Let them sleep late

The above are just suggestions, there is no wrong way to celebrate the day, right? Enjoy National Boyfriend Day!

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