Have you checked out Arrowood Outpost? It's the Hudson Valley's newest tasting room and it's located on Church Street in New Paltz. Arrowood Farms have expanded into the retail world with a new spot to check out their tasty beers. You can stop in Wednesday through Sunday from 1-9 PM and they're located just below Barner Books.

Arrowood Farms, located in Accord, have six different kinds of hops growing that they incorporate into their beers. They launched in 2013 with the intention of being as environmentally conscious as possible. The pigs, sheep, chickens, and bees at the farm all feedback into the ecosystem they've created that feeds the brewing process. 

The water they use to brew their beer comes from an old cement mine in Rosendale which is reportedly a similar composition to the Rhine in Germany.

The original tasting room on the farm in Accord remains open but now you can stop in and try out some of their beers if you're out and about in New Paltz.

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