If you are looking for the latest items in high-end fashion one usually doesn't think of J.C. Penney, but all of that will change soon. 

We always try to spice things up to make them a little classier. Just about all of us have called Target stores "Tarjay" at least once in our lives. I know someone who calls McDonald's "Casa De Ronaldo."

One particular J.C. Penny store has decided to spice their brand up just in time for the holidays.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a pop-up shop in New York City has opened and re-branded itself as Jacques Penne to reach a target demographic with more money to spend. Fancy right? It sounds like it's a fake story right out of The Onion, but it's true.

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The store will only be open temporarily, but it hopes that people will rediscover the brand and what the J.C. Penney has to offer.

I wonder if they will still be offering any regular JCP discounts like "Buy one, get one for a Penne?"