Every pizza lover seems to be celebrating the big day for America's favorite pie. I don't know why this slipped my radar but did you know that it was Pepperoni Pizza Day.

Pepperoni is popular but is pepperoni America's favorite pizza topping?

It sure is. In fact, it is overwhelmingly the most popular topping. According to YouGov, 64% of pizza lovers prefer to have pepperoni on their pie. Sausage and mushroom were the next popular.

Did you order a pepperoni pizza to celebrate today? Maybe you celebrated without even knowing it was pepperoni pizza day. Most Americans eat pizza at least once a week.

I came across the most monstrous pizza while scrolling through Instagram.

I don't know if there is a championship belt for the most intense pepperoni pizza but if there is than I think Pizza Mia in Newburgh might have won. Check out this insanely huge and stacked pizza made in Newburgh, New York. It even has a crust made out of garlic knots. I can't be sure but I'm wondering if that pizza has my body weight in pepperoni.

 Have you ever had a pizza from here before?

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