Just in time for Presidents Day we may have found a lock of our founding father's hair. Could there really have been a lock of George Washington's hair at this upstate New York college for over 200 years?

Though George Washington was from Virginia it's no secret that he has strong ties to New York. Could a book really have been holding a lock of his hair?

Strategic Retreat
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According to The New York Post, an old Almanac was discovered in Union College's library that belonged to Philip J. Schuyler with what they believe to be strands of Washington's real hair. Could this be true?

If it really is Washington's hair what can we do with it? Sure, we can let Union put it on display or donate it to a museum but wouldn't it be better if we really put it to good use?

Don't  we only need a small portion of DNA to clone? Why can't we clone a founding father and see what he thinks of his beloved nation?