Should we change the date or keep tradition?

Some parents don't want to be inconvenienced if Halloween falls on a weekday. Just how self important are you to change thousands of years tradition because you have work the next day?

Halloween has been on October 31 for thousands of years and everything has seemed to work just fine. It's safe to say though that the Celts didn't have to worry about things that we have to deal with like homework, making sure we don't miss our favorite show, taking the kids to practice and our late afternoon nap.

When did Halloween become such an inconvenience for everyone?

According to Today, the viral petition to officially change the date of Halloween to the last Saturday of the month has gathered a lot of traction. The petition does seem to highlighted some benefits with the change. According to their petition on, the holiday would be longer and more safe if it were held on Saturday.

Some Halloween celebrations in the Hudson Valley have been postponed because of the rain already.

Is the 31st set in stone or should the holiday be revamped?

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