Over the last few months we have shared with you the information and dates about New York banning single use plastic bags. We have also shared with you how single use toiletry bottles have been banned in New York City hotels. What will be the next 'thing' to be banned? How about single use plastic bottles?

Is that too far a reach? An airport in San Francisco has already gone ahead and made that change. Would you fight to keep the ability to walk into a convenience store or shop and purchase something as simple as a bottle of water?  In 2018 there were New York City lawmakers that proposed banning the sale of single use plastic bottled items in parks and beaches.

Are you for or against single use plastic bottles? We are talking the ones that contain products like water, sports drinks and juices? Would you speak out to your lawmakers to let them know how you feel? Or do you already carry a metal or glass reusable water bottle with you where ever you go? Weigh in.

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