There wasn't a scowl or a frown when they turned the city into a Dr. Seuss town.

The Grinch has become one of the most popular Christmas characters in the last 20 years. The cartoon based on the classic book is loved by many. However, a whole new generation recognizes a different Grinch.

I'm a millennial and I recognize Jim Carrey as the one true green Christmas anti-hero.

Dani Masterson of Ringmaster Builders helped brought Whoville to life and turned several participants in Port Jervis' annual parade put on by The HDMA. Several people were transformed nito characters of the famous tale.

Even the Mayor of Port Jervis, Kelly B. Decker got involved donning the outfit of Mayor Augustus May Who.

Grinch 5
Credit: Dani Masterson / Sharon Siegel

Laura Meyer, Maria Mann, Mayor Decker, Hannah Schoch, Grinch(Dizzy Parker) Kimberly Harsprad, Dani Masterson (makeup artist) and Mike Worden (makeup artist)

I hope someone watched him to make sure he didn't steal any presents.

Grinch 3
Credit: Dani Masterson / Sharon Siegel