Since we can't be enjoying the concerts and shows we'd like right now, we're going to keep bringing live music right to your living room. We're excited to team up with Austin of Magic Giant for another digital WRRV Sessions performance.

On Thursday, April 23rd at 6 PM, Austin will take over the WRRV Facebook page and play a few songs acoustic and take some questions from the fans via comments on the stream. All you have to do is follow along if you haven't done so already and enjoy the show.

We'll be back out in the Taproom at Newburgh Brewing Company when appropriate. In the meantime, they're offering beer and empanada delivery within 20 miles. And to all our friends and supporters including Healey Brothers and Devitt's Nursery and Supply, thank you! We'll see you when it's safe and appropriate.

Thank you to Justin from Blue October for kicking off our digital WRRV Sessions series.

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