If there's one thing that I know a lot about it's cookies and I'm sorry but I'm just not a fan.

Every year a good chunk of the Hudson Valley goes crazy when Mallomars hit the shelf in mass quantities. Apparently they only come around in September and they are quite a rarity.

The cookie itself is quite an elaborate recipe. It's a marshmallow on top of a graham cracker covered in chocolate. Sound familiar? That's right. It's a box of dry s'mores.

You can get just about anything in a s'more flavor.

I've got quite the sweet tooth but I can't even get behind these things. I'm sure they taste okay but If I'm going to binge on a box of cookies it wouldn't be these things. I might take out three Oreo sleeves or destroy an entire box of E.L. Fudge in one sitting. I just can't see myself going all in for Mallomars and I'm sorry.

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