I know if you're reading this post it's because of the word "bacon." I mean, there are few things that have become a more unanimous cultural favorite quite like that fine cured meat product. Invariably, just say the word "bacon" and people start popping into the room, jumping out of filing cabinets, dropping in from the ceiling, asking where, when, and how they can get their hands on the bacon you just mentioned.

It's taken over the world.

So how can we, as a human race, take things to the next level? The answer is obvious: lasers. Japanese food hackers are trying to figure out the most efficient and effective ways of preparing food and, since it's 2015, the laser is the only logical step to take. Inventors, computer science professors, culinary minds: they all come together to launch the food world as we know it beyond the 21st Century. Check it out: