It's a real bummer when the attraction doesn't amount to the hype.

I've always said this was one of the lamest places in New York. Now there's proof. I'm waiting for my 'told you so' moment.

New York has some awesome places for both tourists and residents alike to enjoy. When you've got as many gems as we do there are bound to be a few lame destinations as well.

Far & Wide released a list of the biggest tourist traps in every state. The list includes, a museum of plumbing in Massachusetts, an Area 51 Museum in New Mexico and a place that holds Thomas Edison's last breath in Michigan.

According to the list, the biggest tourist trap in New York is the skating rink at Rockefeller Center. Do you agree? It does seem pretty lame. The movies make it seem like it's one of the most entertaining places on the planet. One of the biggest gripes is that it costs too much to get on the ice.

I've always wondered why a lot of New Yorker's made an annual pilgrimage to the see tree every year.

I never thought it seemed like a good time. I guess I'm not alone.

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