It has been two years since we mentioned these properties on the WRRV Morning Grind, so we thought we would check in to see if they had sold and if so, how much.

The first 'house' is a castle in Ireland that had been listed at 29.5 million dollars. It has multiple rooms, sits on just about 600 acres, is owned by the Guinness Beer company heirs and oh, yes, it's in Ireland. That property is still for sale and because of the exchange rate, it will now cost you $31.5 million dollars.

Our original thoughts were something like, 'What would $29.5 million get you here in the Hudson Valley, so we don't have to move to Ireland?' That is when we found this house in Millbrook that was on the market (two years ago) for $28.5 million. The thought was, "great, cool house and we get to save a million to spend on something else."

The house in Ireland dates back to the 18th century and was in the movie Braveheart and in the TV show The Tudors, the house locally doesn't have that 'celebrity flash' to go with it, but it is a mere 150-years-old (much newer than the Ireland castle) and has its own theater room, wine cellar, gourmet kitchen, stables and guest house (just to mention a few of the homes amenities).

The good news? If you had been able to wait two years, the house in Millbrook is now only $12.5 million. Now that is a savings. What would you do with the over $15 million dollars that you didn't spend by buying the house two years ago? Buy a whole other house?

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