McDonald's will be delivering starting this week. Are you thinking that your dreams are coming true? How can this be? McDonald's has teamed up with UberEats to bring food directly to you.

So here are the questions:

  • When does this start?
  • How can we get McDonald's to deliver to us?
  • What is the delivery area?
  • What is the charge?

After checking out the UberEats app/website, it looks like the only area that the UE is delivering in (as of yet) is Westchester County. To be able to use this service, you have to use the UberEats app to place your order, there will be an added charge depending on the delivery area. When does this start? It is going on now.

How can we get this in the Hudson Valley? The quickest and easier answer is to get more Uber drivers. Once the area has more Uber drivers, UberEats will expand to our area. How can you make this happen sooner? Download the Uber (& Lyft) apps to your phone and use the services. The more people that use them, the more companies will want to be in our area to deliver their products.