Do you load your silverware in your dishwasher a particular way? Do you think that there is only one way to do it and that is YOUR way? This is something that causes almost as much of a debate as which way the roll of toilet paper should go in the holder.

Should the silverware handles go up or down in the silverware basket? I have my opinion and I can't really be swayed (I will keep what I do to myself) but Consumer Reports the leading consumer magazine that tests all of those dishwashers has to have some info on what way is the 'correct' way.

When reading an article that they have dated June 2017, they give insight on how to properly load a dishwasher.

Their step process starts with the top rack, then the silverware and then the bottom rack. According to that article, they suggest that you place the handles facing down in the silverware basket and that you combine knives, forks and spoons in each of the slots to reduce the chance that the silverware will nest on one another and not get clean.

How do you load your silverware? Why do you feel strongly that your way is the best way?

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