If you took all the change from the Towne Center Fountain you'd probably make out with a whopping 38 cents. I'm sorry but this has to be one of the saddest fountains in the Hudson Valley.

You throw a penny in the fountain and you make a wish. We've almost all done it at least once. My grandparents said it was a waste of money. I know it's a weird superstition but what else are you going to do with that penny?

Is it technically stealing when you remove a penny from a public fountain? Didn't people throw that money away?

Is there someone who relies on other people's dreams to pick up their lunch tap at least once a week? If you play your cards right you can scrounge up enough money for a small bowl of macaroni cheese from the near by Boston Market. For the record, you should never take coins from a fountain. It's possibly illegal as the coins supposedly become the owner of the property.

Call me crazy but the Hudson Valley Towne Center fountain always looks pretty light.

Is someone taking them? Are the coins going to charity?

Where are the richest fountains in the Hudson Valley at? I need a new cash cow.

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