You can't avoid baby Yoda's cuteness. Is he really inspiring a young generation to have children?

There's no escaping Disney's new show, The Mandalorian. It's completely taken the world by storm. Fans have many theories and questions about the mysterious Mandalorian decked out in Beskar armor's identity. Even though most of us are talking about the show and the entire Star Wars universe, the full cast pales in comparison the the creature who stole the show and our hearts.

The entire galaxy has baby Yoda fever. The question is, does that translate to actual baby fever? If you've never seen an episode of The Mandalorian, you have still more than likely seen meme after meme posted on social media.

Some men have reportedly been trying for a baby after seeing the show. The new series does shine a light on the manliness of fatherhood like raising a child, providing for it and keeping it safe. I doubt most men and women will need to protect their offspring from intergalactic bounty hunters but hey, you can always role play.

If a small Yoda baby has inspired you to be a parent then that's great if you're ready. Just do yourself a favor and sleep on it. We don't live on Tatooine. We live in the real world where babies grow up to be teenagers and teenagers are notorious for possibly testing us by joining the dark side.


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