With no sports, stadiums need to be used for something else.

While Governor Cuomo is encouraging professional sports teams to begin playing, the stadiums will remain empty for games. One of the biggest teams in sports, the Yankees, will have their own stadium remain empty for the foreseeable future even though MLB games are slated to start. To make use of the empty stadium, Yankee Stadium will be transformed into a drive-in movie theater and concert venue.

According to Food and Wine, Uptown Drive-In is a festival that features music, movies, and even car-side dinner service. This festival will be taking place at the parking lot of Yankee Stadium. It's set to begin on summer weekends. The website for the event says "We're working with city/state authorities to guarantee proper Covid19 related procedures and precautions are applied."

Food and Wine report that the festival will feature food from local vendors, music from local artists, and games, activities, and raffles. Events will be on a raised stage so everyone can see from their car. Audio will be broadcasted through car radios. There's also supposed to be a brunch event on Saturdays and Sundays.

Official dates and ticket prices are yet to be announced. You can get on the waitlist for ticket information and dates here. Tickets will be all-inclusive and come on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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