This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband has to do with one of Brandi's favorite foods and a potential future husband who has a unique way to get them for her.

This guy came to her attention while shopping at a  Wal-Mart. This cutie was making his way around the store, shopping in pure style. He was maneuvering his shopping cart up and down the aisles while drinking beer and eating corn dogs. According to police reports and surveillance video's he did this pretty much the entire time he was in the store.

The staff at Wal-Mart was ok with him doing this while shopping, what they were not okay with him doing, was attempting to walk out of the store with $250 plus worth of merchandise that he just conveniently forgot to pay for.

Do you like corndogs? If so, maybe you can understand the dilemma that Brandi finds herself in. Should she ask this guy what he takes on his corndogs? Or wait and see if she can find herself another potential future husband next week?