Brandi's Future Husband Likes Bras. So much so that he has 5000 of them on display at his home.

My betrothed is named Chen Qingzu, he is 56 years old from South China. He has been able to collect more than 5,000 bras from female students at more than 30 colleges and universities over 20 years. One might ask the question of how my "honey" is getting these? Is he stealing them? Is he paying good money for them from the students to help them get through college? Or are they simply forking them over because he has a great smile?  What? It could happen.

Chen keeps his collection is on display in his house. But when he travels he will contacts local college students and asks them to give him their ill-fitting bras. Once he explains to them that it is to promote better fitting bras and not some sort of a weird fetish, they usually give them to him. Chen is not a doctor, but he believes that wearing ill-fitting bras could cause breast disease.

One of Chen's dreams is to establish a bra collection house to exhibit bras and raise social awareness about female breast health.