What better way to win your way in to Brandi's heart than with a great dinner, right? This weeks Potential Future Husband is from North Carolina, where they know a thing or two about bbq. This guy caught Brandi's eye, because he knows where to shop for meat.

Yes, beef, nicely cut and ready to grill. This guy walked out of a North Carolina Walmart with more than $100 worth of meat, in his pants. No, he did not simply wish to save a bag, Brandi is really big about bringing reusable bags with her when she goes shopping, but this guy put the meat down his pants and simply walked out the store, jumping on his moped before being stopped by police.

Will this guy be the one for Brandi? Was he going to cook the meat for her or was he hoping that she would 'meat' him half way and cook it if he brought it?

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