This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband features a man who lives just south of New Orleans, Louisiana. The guy, who's name is Brice Kendall Williams, thought that after he was done shopping at his local Walmart, that he would continue on to his local bar.

Brice didn't want to use his car, because he was thinking that as the night progressed he might want to toss a few adult beverages back. So he left his car at the Walmart and decided that his next best mode of transportation would be one of those electric shopping carts that people who cannot walk easily use.

Brice took it to the first bar about a mile away. Then he decided he wanted to go check out another bar, and he again, drove the electric shopping cart to his next destination. He even made sure to park it in a legitimate parking spot, between two other cars.

Of course, everything was good, until someone reported the shopping cart in the parking lot, the cops were called, Brice was arrested for "felony unauthorized use of a moveable." He could spend some time in jail, his bond was set at $2500.

Will Brandi support this guy or will she be out looking for another one soon?

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