Just in time for Father's Day, a mailbox here in the Hudson Valley has hit us with one of the greatest dad jokes of all time.

Every once in a while you come across something just so bizarre you've just got to stop and laugh. We need that now more than ever.

I don't know why I'm intrigued by wacky mailboxes. I'm not sure where this curiosity was sparked from but maybe it's because the Hudson Valley has so many of them. I think my obsession began with the weird mannequin mail box on Vassar Rd in Poughkeepsie.

During my recent walk through downtown Beacon I noticed a mailbox that was insanely tall. Judging by the rust it looks like it's been there for quite a while. This absolutely puzzled me. I didn't grow up in Beacon. For all I know mail carrier used to be giants. I'm joking but in all seriousness I had to find out the reasoning behind this. As I walked closer to the box I notice it read "airmail" on the side.

IMG_6452 (1)

That's what I realized I had been taken. It took me a second to fully process what I was reading but once I did I had to laugh, take a picture and share.

You're welcome, Hudson Valley and Happy Father's Day!

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