With all of the 90's TV shows that have been re-booted and the 90's products that have been brought back for us to spend our money on, there is one question that we asked the WRRV listeners, "What one thing from the 90's do you want to have that hasn't been brought back yet?"

The return of Crystal Pepsi, Zima and The Connors and other TV shows has show companies that there is such a great demand for 90's themed products that even cereal companies are getting in on it.

General Mills, the makers of TRIX cereal are even bringing back the flavors of cereal that they last used in the early 1990's to 2006. The reason that they are bringing them back? General Mills, sites overwhelming consumer feedback as the reason that they are doing it. They are going to bring the classic shapes, and flavors. Raspberry Red, Lemony Lemon, Orangey Orange, Wildberry Blue, Watermelon and Grapity Purple will be back on the store shelves this fall.

Have you reached out to a company to let them know that you miss their products? Which company have you reached out to? What was the product and what do you want to see back on store shelves? Let us know.

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