This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to a very strong and capable man in Florida. His name is Paul and you might have seen him on Animal Planet's Gator Boys.

Paul was called to a friends house to help with a 'visitor' in the pool. This particular visitor was a 9 foot, 185 pound alligator named 'Cool Hand Luke.' How did Paul go about getting Luke to do what he wanted him to do? Paul simply wrestled with the alligator until it tired. Once he tired, Paul was able to muzzle Luke's mouth and then duck tape it.

One would have to figure, if this guy can wrestle (and handle) an alligator, he should be able to handle Brandi? Ya think? Do you think that this is the guy for Brandi? Or do you think he will be too tired from wrestling alligators all day to spend time with her? If you have a candidate for a potential Brandi's Future Husband please mail Brandi@WRRV.Com with the info.

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