Brandi's future husband likes buns, and he is not afraid to go after them while wearing... Just his underwear. My sweetheart, David Bastar, was wearing nothing but his underwear when he felt compelled to "borrow" temporarily a bakery truck that he found while walking around Manhattan. My potential betrothed then went around with the truck and began sharing his new found bounty with random businesses, leaving bread at their doors. You know how I love random acts of kindness. Think of all those people who's days were a bit brighter because they came to work and found this bread waiting for them.

David Bastar allegedly hopped into Grimaldi's Home of Bread truck on the Upper East Side early Monday while the driver was making a delivery at a pizzeria.

Bastar then allegedly began dropping off baguettes, whole wheat rolls and sourdough bread. He eventually distributed the entire $5,000 worth of baked goods — but not to the bakery's customers who were supposed to be getting the deliveries.

I will get to speak with David about our relationship when he is let out of the hospital that he is in for a mental evaluation. Plus there is also that whole thing of the charges of criminal possession of stolen goods that he is facing.