This week's edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to Oregon. The guy who has caught Brandi's eye is named Jacob, and he is a hardworking truck driver who found himself in a difficult situation.

While driving his tractor-trailer full of potato chips Jacob felt his truck starting to slide toward an embankment full of snow and mud. It quickly became apparent that things were not going his way. He was stuck and did the only thing he could think of at the time: he got out and walked. Jacob walked through the wilderness for four days before he was able to flag down a car and get help.

When asked if he ate any of the chips to feed him over the course of the four days, Jacob said no, that the chips he was hauling weren't his, so he didn't touch them.

Here are the reasons that Brandi thinks this would be a good match:

  • He was able to survive in the wilderness, which means he is resourceful
  • He had to deal with a failed GPS, and this happened so he will always be willing to listen to the directions that I give him
  • He was raised to not touch stuff that isn't his, so I will never have to worry about him using my toiletries/ hair products
  • He managed not to eat any of the potato chips? I will never have to share my food when we go out to eat

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